Inflame your fame


Stories inflames fame, influence your fame. 

5 Key greatest story instigators:


Create an exposure

Lend yourself

Inspire the listeners/observers

Make an impact

Exagerate all instances

Examine yourself


7 ways to jumpstart your greatest story


7 ways to jumpstart your greatest story:

  1. Speak good of yourself. (each time you swear or curse you s'hoot yourself in the foot'). 

A good story sells



A good story is great investment, keep yours clean. 



Silent story roars


Silent story roars. 


Stories check-mate an enemy


Stories check-mate an enemy. 
A good story will make a great psychological weapon.


Character is king


Stories can sink the unsinkable. 
Stories can make a mountain of a molehill.

Life's stories are series of event superimposed over time.

You can design and maintain a good story but character is king.




Stories have variants:
- life's roller coaster 
- life's isms & schisms. 
 There are spirits behind every story, religious or cultural. 
There are two ends to every story sad end or happy end. 
May your life story have a happy ending.


My story must change


My story must change


Sermonizing the website


I hope you find the idea of adding my sermon to this website good. well, I thought so myself. This has been a profound spiritual fulfillment for me as an individual. Even though it is my wish to apologize to my fans who might belong to other faiths but fancied my style of music, I'm held back from doing so out of conviction that I was once in there shoes and found my calling of God inescapable. My sincere hope is that someone out there who may feel like persecuting my unflinching desire for God (like I used to before being called of God) will of course one day, find themselves in the same shoes. Please enjoy the music, support my works and remain blessed.


Dizzy, you are a changed person


I am happy to see you as a changed person now .I mean a different person entirely from Dizzy K. that used to sing in those days.We give glory to God.