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by Dizzy K Falola

Released 2011
Released 2011
This album opens with a burst of energetic vocal rendition with powerful riffs of harmonic instrumentation. The highs of this album is the sing-along cum danceability of the tracks right from the start to the end. This is a fully loaded experiental album.
With this piece of work, Dizzy showed musical prowess as he combines dance grooves with soul, pop, swing and an amazing afro-dance fusion with a new dance vibe and added extras. There's an infectious, swing beat on "Iyanu" (miracle) that somehow reminded me of afro pop. This album shows a marked maturity not seen on the his previous work, particularly on "J-es-u-s", a lilting, melodic gem which really shook my cage! I'm definitely warming to all this and admit to being impressed by the quality of this release. It has the feel of warm beaches al sunset, open lop cars and homemade lemonade. Maybe I'm just an old romantic!