I Want It Now - Music Download

Nothing absolutely nothing can stand in the way of what you appreciate. This song encourages you, you can keep what you appreciate and guess what, the opposite is also true. Well, why lose and then wish you've not! There's a subtle lesson here.

Adura - Music Download

This is a 180bpm song with a Rock & Roll attitude, it's however a solidly spiritual song with biblical conotations. it sure will minister to you. Enjoy reflecting, praying and dancing to it. Stay blessed.

Try (Kirakita Mix) - Music Download

A relentless dance music from my TRY single release. KIRAKITA means "to HUSSLE". It's an onomatopoeic yoruba word associated with the shuffling of feet.

Stronger - Music download

A power song with a strong statement against adversity. A declaration of the word of faith, an undaunted view into elusive but assured victories.


This is a powerful slow tempo song with an acoustic feel. The overall feel of the music is good for meditation since the only pulsating instrument is the acoustic guitar that is helping to drive the vocals.

Lododo Dajudaju - Music download

This is a Juju Afro Beat song with its usual strong percussive rhythm. The Omele and the Talking-drum here are in perfect percussive harmony and each percussive instrument has it's own vocabulary.

Your Banner Is Love - Music Download

A serenade song for love as explicably and supernaturally extended by the Creator towards His creation. This is the world's absolute statement/quote 'Love sent us His Love to demonstrate that love is the greatest'.



This is a strong afro beat song with a hint of jazz. The chorus was crafted to 'kick' as it's most likely to be played in the mornings as the title suggests 'Owuro' meaning early morning. however the rest of the song is subtle and loaded with meaning. Please enjoy.


Zoo - Music Download

Raw strong swing jazzy edged silky piece of song. Suprisingly current in a retro sense.

Catapult - Music Download

This is a pulsating Afro Beat dance song. The message about "my stone and catapult" is not satirical, it's biblical, please meditate on it and enjoy it.

Young Child - Music Download

The album connects to you in a thriving message. It rebounds your soul in its sounds and melodies. Its stretches the thread of your expectations with its brilliant acoustic rendition. Its instrumentation moves you to a state of desired essence.

Scatter Dem - Music Download

This is an afro music in it's almost original format, with loads of percussive instruments wrapped in it's peculiarly intrusive message. But, it's clearly Christian Afro.