Vine’s Dictionary is now available with Bible Gateway Plus

Do you want a deeper understanding of the original meaning of the Bible? This classic dictionary can and will simplify the process you go through to understand the Bible’s original meaning. It makes understanding individual words quick and easy.

Vine’s Complete Expository Dictionary of Old and New Testament Words includes thousands of biblical words to enhance your Bible word study.

As you read a passage, access word definitions to enhance your study of the Bible. You’ll gain a deeper understanding of each verse when you learn the original meaning of each word.

Pastors and Bible study leaders can use the definitions to prepare lessons or sermons or to inspire meaningful conversations about a verse.

Each entry provides details about a word:

  • The English transliteration
  • The original language word
  • The Strong’s number
  • How the word is used
  • Key occurrences in the Bible
  • Definitions of its uses in the Old and New Testament

It joins with the following original language dictionaries available in Bible Gateway Plus:

Don’t let the names of these resources intimidate you. With these dictionaries and a Bible Gateway Plus membership, you will have access to a comprehensive understanding of Scripture.

Open John 3:16.  

Follow these steps:

  1. Log in to Bible Gateway Plus.
  2. Find a verse, such as John 3:16, and review it side by side with another translation.  
  3. If you compare the King James Version (KJV) with the New International Version (NIV), you will find that the KJV includes the phrase, “everlasting life” while the NIV says “eternal life.”
  4. Click the Resources tab and filter to “Dictionaries.”
  5. Select “Vines Complete Expository Dictionary,” and a list will appear.
  6. Read more about any word you have a question about by clicking and expanding the article. Find “Eternal” and review the definition.

Anyone who enjoys biblical word studies will enjoy having these tools available as they read their Bible online at

Learn more about Bible Gateway Plus today!

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