Reviewed by Pippa Rimmer With "Power In The Blood", Dizzy has obviously come on a bit musically as he combines dance grooves with soul, reggae and swing. Old fave "There's Power In The Blood" enters the '90s with a new dance vibe and added extras. There's an infectious, lazy swing beat on "I Feel Your Presence" that somehow reminded me of summer and Kool And The Gang. This album shows a marked maturity not seen on the first, particularly on "He Shed His Blood", a lilting, melodic little gem which really shook my cage! I'm definitely warming to all this and admit to being impressed by the quality of this second opus. It has the feel of warm beaches al sunset, open lop cars and homemade lemonade. Maybe I'm just an old romantic!  ” - Pippa Rimmer


Reviewed by Trevor Kirk This is a strange one. Looking at the CD sleeve of "Centre Of My Joy", here's this super cool looking dude with a slinky silky outfit and a watermelon grin and with a radical name like Dizzy K, you might expect some hip hop rapping or some such. In fact, this brother hails from Nigeria, where he had, we are told, quite a following before relocating here and turning out a stream of gospel albums. What you get is easy listening gospel to a synth backing and a drum machine. Dizzy wrote all the songs himself, which is another problem, as they're a fairly ordinary bunch with some of them being rather cliched, repetitive, or both; the clumsily programmed drum machine doesn't help. Dizzy's got a pleasant enough voice, he's joined by a righteous sista on harmony vocals and he even tries some radical exhortation. But it's all a bit flat, dull and humdrum. Disappointing.” - Trevor Kirk



Dizzy K Falola - HOLD ON TO YOU

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